Over 4 years, 50 man-years of R&D, and over 4 years of collecting our own data on a proprietary panel of test users, has led to a high accuracy, high performance, commercial grade solution able to detect usages, trends, and behaviors.

Lastest benchmarks confirmed Homepulse NILM technology being able to detect correctly the largest number of appliances  – tests run 2017, with 21 other NILM technologies, EPRI.

Homepulse has developed a suite of time series analytical solutions, running several core technologies packaged in a SaaS, real time, scalable platform, able to process live and batch data, ranging from medium to low resolution data streams, and from any hardware / any meter / any sensor.

Core engine includes: NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring), site-dependent Bayesian machine learning, behavioral modelling, usage prediction and configurable alerting functions.

The complete suite can be run on public cloud, hybrid cloud or on premises.
The SaaS solution runs on Timelab ® platform, an IoT platform.