Energy Management

Smart meters in place tell you how much each usage costs, predict energy costs and if energy is being wasted.

Problems: what is the annual and monthly energy expense?

Solution: predict energy and compare with past or benchmarks

Benefits: optimize on energy management

Unique Homepulse features:

Factors in weather forecasts

Learns from and factors in activity cycles

Breaks down by large usages

Aggregates several meters / buildings

Full integration into your BMS

Our solution provides:

  1. Automatic extraction of large usages (A/C, heating, Water heating, lightning)
  2. Compares with past periods and/or benchmarks
  3. Predicts annual use and trends
  4. Alerts in case of significant, non-planned energy use changes

Our solutions enables effective energy management and proactive maintenance information from any sensor / smart meter in place, resulting in very short return on investment on all projects.