Cooling monitoring solutions


Our solutions enables effective energy management and proactive maintenance information from any sensor / smart meter in place, resulting in very short return on investment on all projects.

Reeferpulse introduces cooling monitoring service on smart metering.

Using Artificial Intelligence, our technology delivers a new service of monitoring and predictive maintenance solution for your customer’s cooling devices.

No sensor required: your smart meter data will tell us enough about energy usage and cooling maintenance needs

Millions of pharmacies, groceries stores, or restaurants rely on cooling devices to store T° sensitive goods, worth several thousands euros.

Can they rely on these equipment and who’s warning them about urgent maintenance needs?

Thanks to our solution, you can now :

  • Warn in case of equipment dysfunction, before breakdown
  • Alert in case of power outage

No stock losses, limited legal exposure and lower insurance premiums, garanteed for your customers !

How ?

Our technology learns from the metering data, detects abnormal energy use and generates qualified notifications, so you can inform your customers of maintenance needs and potential risks of failure before they occur.

Find out how to provide peace of mind to your customers !